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Spam eMail & Virus Mail Protection

Spam and viruses have become one of the biggest problems on the internet and cost UK Schools £1000's each day. They waste time, bandwidth, expose you to fraud and can even damage your schools computer systems.

Spam eMail & Virus Mail Protection system enables on average 98% of spam and all viruses to be filtered out of your incoming mail so they never get to your computer or they tagged so they can be filtered out using your e-mail client.

Spam eMail & Virus eMail Protection has many features to protect you from spam and viruses on the internet, below are details on how our system can identify spam and viruses to protect you.

Heuristics Spam Detection Engine

- Our spam detection system uses some of the most advanced rules to determine if an e-mail message is spam. Unlike most systems that just look for keywords to identify spam we look a little closer. The system checks many parts of the e-mail using our own special set of tests. Each test giving the message a score which are then added together at the end and messages with a high enough total score will be classed as spam.

This system is far more advanced than other systems and from our tests has one of the lowest rates of false positives. This is very important as many other system fall down as they block a lot of genuine e-mail which ours doesn't.

Checksum Databases

- Calculating check sums of mail you receive allows us to compare it with multiple databases of confirmed spam messages. These databases contain check sums of mail that other users have already identified as spam and reported. This is one of the best ways of recognising a spam message as most will have already been report as spam so our system will know its spam.

Virus Scanner

- Mail is also virus scanned to check it doesn't contain viruses and is deleted if a virus is detected. Our system is always right up to date with all the latest virus definitions, updating many times throughout the day. It can also scan for viruses hidden in zip and other compressed files so can be relied upon to protect you.

Intelligent white listing system

- This is very special part of our system that we developed to stop any genuine mail which under very rare circumstances might be blocked. If this did happen and you have selected to have the mail bounced back, the send will be given the option to add them selves to a white list. This will then allow them to resend their message and prevent it from being blocked. What makes this system very special is the way it works to prevent spammers from adding their addresses and allows the send to instantly resend their message.

  • 1. Genuine e-mail is sent to you but our system blocks it as it believes its spam.
  • 2. An e-mail is sent to this person telling them that this has happened and offering them the chance to be added to our white list so they can resend the message.
  • 3. They follow a link in the bounced message which takes them to our white listing system where they can enter their details.
  • 4. An e-mail will then be sent to them with a link they must click on which shows that they are sending from address they have access. This is what prevents spammers from using the system as they rarely use a genuine e-mail addresses so would not be able to complete the white list signup.

Most other spam protection systems do not offer this option and if mail is blocked the sender has no way of getting their mail through. This can mean important e-mail can never get through so this is why we developed this system. Spam Mail & Virus Mail Protection is available on all hosting packages and for more info on getting it please see the hosting pages on the site for details.

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