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The DfE (Department for Education) has allocated every school in the country a domain name of the form of: www.schoolname.county.sch.uk. Where many schools share the same name, they are often differentiated by adding their LEA school number after the school name e.g. schoolname.LEA_number.

On a regional level and at a national level, LEAs and the DfES are increasing the use of electronic communication with schools as well as about them. In the case of the DfES the standard form of a school domain name as illustrated above means that it is relatively easy to refer to a school's domain name (and hence the school's web site) in electronic communication. The DfE will therefore assume that official information concerning the school is located at the web site which exists on the domain name given above.

Some schools choose to register a domain name which does not adhere to the DfE standard. The .sch domain type refers specifically to schools and is intended to provide easy identification on the type of information a web site carries. In the UK domain names are administered by Nominet . Your school domain name would look like this:

Hosting Your School Domain Name.

Having trouble finding a Nominet registerd company to host your New or Old School Domain Name sch.uk. School Hosting is here to help. We have extensive knowledge in settting up and administering school domains on our hosting servers. Click Here to find out more..

Do You Have a School Domain Name?

If you are unsure if your school has a domain name, you can go to UK Schools Geographical Areas. to find out or you can ask us to find out if you do. We will take your school details and find out who owns or administers your school domain name. Just email or phone us and we will do the rest.

All Accounts have MX Record Email Pointing.

An MX record allows you to use external mail servers to handle your E-mail. Once you have added an MX record, we will no longer handle any E-mail for this domain. Some of our schools like this because they have there own exchange server.

All Accounts have Domain Name Advanced DNS Management.

Modify the zone files for the DNS information assigned to your school domain. Point or update your domain name by updating the host records in our easy to use interface. Update and add MX Records, CNAME Alias, NS Records, A Records, TXT/SPF Records.

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